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Psy Postbac Certificate with a Communications degree


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Hi everyone! 

I am a Communications graduate, but I have always had a strong draw towards Psychology & Medicine. After working for 4 years in a multinational company I quit after having realized that I want more than just working behind a computer. I would love to turn my career around to something that interests me more: the human brain and behavior.

I would like to integrate what I already have which is my Communications degree, so Med School seems to be off to a whole new chapter (even if I really liked Anatomy and Physiology from taking it undergrad before). 

I've been looking into the Postbac Psychology Certificate so I can then get into a Master's and have the option of getting into Clinical Psychology and in some years create something of my own. (Podcasts, Vocational Orientations - which I seem to know a lot about from experience-, working in Hospitals, etc.) 

Summing up, I don't know if the Certificate would be the best fit for me and what career prospects I can have going forward. 


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