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Thoughts on USC Marshall's MSBA Program

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Hello all, 

I recently got my acceptance letter to the Masters in Business Analytics Program at USC. Oddly, I did not receive a financial breakdown of costs and my financial aid status is still in review. Also seems didn't get scholarship as no mentions of it. Looking at the website though, tuition will cost around $73K total. I expect to finish the program in 1.5-2 years.

Several Questions:

1. I wanted to make sure there is a high chance of finding a better job after graduating and not stuck with debt. I currently have a job that makes around $80K, and the growth potential is slow (the next 10 years, I'll probably be stuck in the 80K-100K range); hence, I am looking for better options. I will have to resign from the job due to job travel requirements if I do grad school and miss out on the income. Can anyone provide some feedback about the program and whether you think it's worth the jump?

2. Is this program better than Columbia's SPS Applied Analytics Program? I am in the middle of applying and since I got accepted at USC, I am thinking if its a better option, I might as well not apply and save on the application fee. 



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