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what's a good starting workload for a new grad student?

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hi all (sorry for any grammar issues or spelling -- i'm trying to get this up in between meetings!) 

i'm going to be a new graduate student starting in fall 2021 and i was wondering: what's a good starting course load? 

i'll be working as a paraprofessional (it's required) for my program, so i'll be working roughly part-time in the office (or more when they need me for when the university is experiencing peak times [e.g. move-in, orientation, move-out, etc.]). i'm really not trying to take 4 courses to start off with, but some part of me thinks 3 is reasonable? i haven't been in school for two years (one being because i was working during a gap year and another due to covid) so i'm also hesitant to really throw myself in all at once because i have to adjust back to school/work life (plus it's a big culture switch since i'll be moving from home to a new city).

all advice and insight is appreciated! 

thank you! 

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