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Include/Leave Out High School Info on CV?



Hello. When applying to PhD programs, do you include or leave out any high school info from your academic CV?

I don’t meant going into detail but just briefly mentioning it. What if it’s a top high school in the country and you won some awards or had membership in honor roll or the national honor society? Do you include just the name of the school in the education section and/or any awards in another section, or just leave out everything related to high school altogether? I’m just wondering because I left out my information since I’ve gotten a few degrees after high school, but I do know that many people apply to PhD straight out of undergrad and wondered if they might be including that information while I’m not.

Thank you.

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Definitely leave out all high school stuff. Perhaps if your awards are highly relevant to your field, maybe add those to your Awards/Honors section, but realistically all high school related content should be left off. For reference, if you received your undergraduate degree and were applying to jobs, you shouldn't have high school stuff on it either.



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