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Fall 2022 Neuroscience Profile Evaluation


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Undergrad Institution: top 20-30 UK, Russell group
Major: Computer Science / Software Engineering
Grade: 2:1, could be 1st depending on final year grades
Type of student: International female

GRE scores: N/A

Research experience: currently working on a summer research project on bio-inspired reinforcement learning/machine learning for Visual Place Recognition, could possibly extend a few more months into the semester and result in a paper; thesis project on reinforcement learning & dopamine modelling, title TBD in the next month but looking to focus more on the computational neuroscience side

Letters of recommandation: 2 from research mentors (summer research + thesis), third could be from either another research mentor or a professor that knows me well (depending on how the thesis research turns out)

Other: received two scholarships for academic achievement from my department

I'm looking at programs for neuroscience and biomedical science (if they have a neuroscience group), preferably with a good number of systems/computational/disorders people. Mostly looking at the east/northeast. I've been looking at Columbia, NYU, and the tri-institutional comp bio & medicine programme because of their computational/systems people, but I imagine none of these are really within reach. Does anyone know for what kind of programs I could be competitive for/suggestions for universities? At this point aside from getting my grades up I can't do much.

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