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Chance me for top 10 PhD progs!

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Type of Undergrad Institution: Top 10 LAC (NESCAC)
Major(s)/Minor(s): International and Global Studies/Middle East studies
Undergrad GPA: 3.85
Type of Grad: Well-known Quantitative Social Science prog in Ivy League
Grad GPA: 4.00
GRE: V:166, Q:164, W:5.5
Any Special Courses: Machine Learning, Quant Soc. Sci. Methods, Intro to Computing, Econ Stats, Linear Alg, Calc I-III, Adv. Arabic
Letters of Recommendation (future): undergrad academic advisor (untenured asst. prof in CP), RA supervisor (untenured asst. prof in CP; in my research area), and either dept chair (Quant Social Science) or undergrad thesis advisor (religion)
Other: RA to NLP polisci research project, internships in prestigious DC think tanks
Areas: CP, Methods. Topic: political violence, social media, Middle East, Arabic NLP

I'm eyeing top PoliSci PhD programs in CP, esp. those with research projects in social media and politics: Princeton, Stanford, UChicago, NYU, UMich, MIT. I realize that my GRE Q score is on the lower side but my grades in quant classes can make up for that (?). I'm also already doing research in my field with a Princeton-based team so hopefully that'd improve my chances for Princeton. Please let me know your suggestions/comments/advice!

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