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Fall 2022 Stat/Biostat Ph.D Question/Seeking Advice

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Undergrad Institution: Lib Arts
Major(s): Math with concentration in Statistics
GPA: 3.85
Type of Student: Domestic White Male

GRE General Test: 
Q: 166
V: 160
W: 4
GRE Subject Test in Mathematics:
M: xxx (xx%)

Programs Applying: (Statistics/Operation Research/Biostatistics/Financial Math/etc.)
Biostat - Duke (Reach), Columbia (Reach), Boston Univerisity, UMinnesota, UC Davis
Research Experience: Undergrad Research - Year long collaboration with two professors and one other student which led to a paper that's being reviewed for publication (middle author), SIBS program that included research and ended with presentation to faculty, REU in statistics that ended very quickly due to COVID.
Career - Currently work as a statistician in clinical trials at a top research hospital.

Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Various math scholarships in undergraduate, Pi Mu Epsilon member

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Undergrad -Led math/stat tutoring department for two years, statistical consultant for a year, TA for Prob Theory and Stat Modeling
Letters of Recommendation: 3 profs from my undergrad institution (1 well known, 1 who I did research with, 1 I took several courses with and know they will write a great letter.
Math/Statistics Grades:  
Calc I (A)
Honors Calc II (A-)
Linear Algebra (A)
Real Analysis I (A)
Diff Eq. (A)
Partial Diff. Eq. (A)
Prob Theory (A-)
Stat Theory (A)
Abstract Algebra I (A-)
Data Science I (A)
Statistics for Economics (A-)
Statistical Modeling (A)

Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: I'm self-taught in Calc 3/4 and Time Series Analysis

I'm interested in applying to biostatistics Ph.D. programs for Fall 2022 to work on clinical trial development/analysis. I currently work as a statistician in clinical trials, after rejecting an offer to study in the MA program in statistics at Columbia. My main concern with my application is that I am self-taught in multivariable calculus. I was hoping to prove my knowledge by pointing to my grades in Partial Differentials and Stat Theory, which both had Calc III as a prerequisite and thoroughly applied the concepts from a traditional undergraduate Calc III course. Is this a good strategy for PhD. admissions, or will I need to pay for a formal course and relearn the content? Also, are the reach schools that I provided too far out of my reach? With no publications, it's hard for me to gauge where I should be applying.
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