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[Fulbright to US] Dilemma


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I was awarded a Fulbright to study in the United States.

They offer up to $25.000 USD per year for two years in their website. Disadvantages are that they take control over your entire application process during 1.5 years (started on February 2020), and the two-year home residency requirement. Nonetheless, I accepted these in exchange of financial security.

After talking with professors independently through interviews (PhD program), I received a tuition waiver and a GRA position at my host institution. However, Fulbright responded with an 80% award reduction. Now I will be only receiving $5.000 pear year for two years. On a 5-year PhD program, that is only $2.000 USD per year.

I tried to negotiate with them, but their argument is that, thanks to the connections it has with schools, I was able to secure those incomes, thus having the right to reduce the grant. However, I am sure it is normal on PhD programs in the United States to offer waiver and a stipend, regardless of your Fulbright grant.

While the waiver and the GRA salary is enough to live on, I am still not happy about this. The whole point of enduring such a long process with them (and accepting the fact that I need to return to my home country) was to receive a decent fellowship from them. $10.000 USD total is an amount I can finance with savings.

Would it be wrong to rescind from the grant at this point? I am not getting what I expected from them.

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