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Bioinfo or Computational Biology Phd Application Program Suggestions


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Hi everyone, I know I can find plenty of programs or schools by just google it. But since I am an international student out of the US currently and no one around me has experience on this, it would be great if someone can recommend me some good programs they know or have been enrolled, related to bioinformatics, Computational Bio, or genomics field.
Thanks for any response.

Here's my little background: I studied biology in my own country during undergrad with a GPA of 3.4. And then I studied my bioinformatics MS in NYU from 2017 to 2019 with a GPA of 3.7.  I began to work as a bioinfor analyst in some labs since my second year of my MS. Fortunately, my name is on the author list (4th) of 3 research papers during that time, and some of them are in very good journal. But these papers are majorly focused on cell molecular mechanisms, and my role is to analysis the NGS or public data like RNA-seq, WES, or scRNA-seq from the experiment. My research area is mainly on cancer biology and some immunology due to a HIV project, I had participated. But now, I am back to my country due to some bad things happen to my family, and work as a Bioinformatician in a small oncotherapeutic company. But wants to further my education to a higher level as a Phd Student.

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