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Need some perspective: am I being too ambitious?


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Hey. I am honestly confused if the unis I picked are too ambitious for me. I am planning on pursuing a PhD in Political Science and these are the unis I am considering:

Georgetown, George Washington, American, George Mason, Maryland, Johns Hopkins, NYU, UCSB, UCSD, Ohio State and Washington University in St. Louis.

I did my undergrad from Middlesex in the UK in Business, graduated with a first (4.0). Did my Masters from UCL in Public Policy but my grades slipped at the end because of sudden lockdowns and working from quarantine. I ended up with a 2:1 (62%). That is roughly a 3.3. Which isn't great. I also have two modules in which I did poorly (55%). I do have explanations for these, which I think are valid (had to take exams from quarantine facilities). Haven’t taken the GRE yet.

I have been working as a policy researcher and lecturer for the last year. And I have professors in all the institutions that match my research interests. 

I just need to know if I am aiming too high. At least in the UK they have entry requirements. If the ones I picked are too ambitious, do you have any recommendations for safety/match schools?


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