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Recommendations for Grad School


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Hello everyone,

I am currently a senior EE major at Cal Poly SLO and I’m looking for any advice you can offer on grad school recommendations. Thanks in advance!

Major: EE

Minor: CS

GPA: 3.937 (with major GPA 4.0)

Research Experience:

  1. Summer Undergraduate Research Program: worked with a professor to investigate UWB antenna performance

  2. Research on renewable energy forms (for a final project)

Letters of Recommendation: Will look to get LOR’s from professors in my EE and CS courses as well as coworkers at my current internship.

General Grades: Mostly A’s with a few A- in general education courses. Have a few CR/NC GE courses as well as 1 major course.

EE Grades: A’s in every class so far with a few labs as well as Digital Signal Processing being CR/NC.

CS Grades: All A's and one B+ in Discrete Structures. Finished minor’s 32 unit requirement and have taken 3 additional CS classes since.


Internships: Worked at a 6-month CO-OP at Keysight Technologies where I did software as well as hardware tasks.

Projects: Designed an assembler in Vivado Software. Built a website with full database functionality as a summer side project. Built an autonomous robot with path following capability (final project for a class)

Schools: I am still open to applying for either a Masters in CS, EE or EECS and would like to know my chances for each. I would like to ideally go to a top university for one of these fields but would like to hear suggestions on where I could apply with my stats.

Please let me know if there are any other questions or stats I should add to better represent my portfolio. I really appreciate any advice on school recommendations.

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