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Fall 2022 MS Statistics profile seeking advice

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Hi everyone, 
I come from a software engineering background, and I hope to switch careers to more of a data analyst-like role (unsure specifically, but I definitely know that I've enjoyed doing work related to predictive analysis much more than straight-up coding). I am planning to return to school for an MS in statistics in order to make this happen, and would love to hear advice from you all. I'm just getting started in this journey, so please let me know if there are other things I should be considering or if I am being completely unrealistic. 
Undergrad Institution: Top 5 Public University (USNews)
Major(s): Computer Science
Minor: None
GPA: 3.2
Type of Student: Domestic Asian Male

GRE: If I do take it, it would be sometime this Fall. Would a good score boost my application given my profile / target schools?
GRE Math Subject: Need some advice here as well. My performance in Proof-based Linear Algebra and Calculus III was pretty meh, so I am thinking of studying for the GRE Math Subject Test to make up for this deficit. I also intend to use this to refresh my knowledge, as I've been out of undergrad for about 4 years and I've heard that doing well in most MS Stats programs requires applicants to really know this prerequisite material. Would this be worth doing?
Coursework (completed)
Lower division:
AP Calculus BC: 5
Calculus III (multivariable): B
Proof-based Linear Algebra: B
Elementary Differential Equations: A
Discrete math: A-
Introductory Statistics: B+
Upper division: 
Introductory probability: A-
Theoretical Statistics: A 
Theoretical Computer Science: A-
Intro Modern Algebra: B
My GPA is mostly bogged down from coding/engineering-oriented classes (B/B- grades, and D in Operating Systems course).
Research: None
Work Experience: 1.5 years as a software engineer, as well as an internship completed while I was in school. 
Awards/Honors/RecognitionsDean's List, passed Society of Actuaries' Exam P
Python, C++, JavaScript

Teaching experience
- None, but was selected to be a grader for Discrete Math and Theoretical Computer Science. 
Letters of recommendation:
Will probably reach out to 2 out of Theoretical Statistics professor, Intro. probability professor, or diffeq professor. I don't anticipate strong rec letters from them as I didn't go to their office hours much, or participate during lectures. Also will reach out to my internship manager, from whom I anticipate a stronger rec letter.


Reach: Michigan (Top choice), Chicago (I understand that if I do apply here the GRE Math Subject is a requirement), Washington, Duke

Match(????): UNC, UIUC, Northwestern, UW-Madison, UCLA, UC-Davis

Safety: Unsure yet

What are my chances of getting into these schools given my current profile? Are there other ways I can improve my application in order to maximize those chances (such as doing well on the GRE, GRE Math Subject, retaking classes to get better rec letters)? Please feel free to suggest other schools I may have overlooked that might be a great fit! Also, please feel free to tell me straight up if I am being unrealistic with my school choices, as I know that my mediocre undergrad GPA will hinder my application. 

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