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UC Berkeley B.A. of Architecture to M.Arch

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Hi guys, I was an international student from CED of UCB(go bears!), and I have some questions as I apply grad schools

1. How scholarship is determined in GSD(or elsewhere) if I am accepted as MArch I AP?

2. As an international student, is it impossible to achieve scholarship?

3. Can Bachelor's Degree of Architecture from UCB be "its equivalent"(this frequently appeared MArch1 programs. such as Yale has "The Master of Architecture II program is for students already holding a professional degree in architecture (B.Arch., or its equivalent) who seek a second, master’s-level degree in this discipline and who are interested in developing a stronger theoretical basis for their understanding of the field. " 


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1. Not sure how Gsd offers scholarships, but MArch being the professional degree most school wont offer scholarships.

2. Not because you are an international student, but because its a professional degree.

3. Im not sure but I dont think there are professional BArch in US. One in UCB will probably pre-professional degree, BA in Architecture.

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