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Student teaching and I honestly think that a desk job is better suited for me.


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Currently student teaching, it's not too bad, and the kids are SO sweet (they love me!) but I honestly think I am more suited for a desk job. The day feels like it drags and I honestly find it pretty relieving when we get recess/lunch/planning time/when the kids are at specials because I am sick of being around so many people all the time.

I know people will say "just stick it out, it'll be different when you have your own class" and maybe that's true but honestly I get bored easily and I think I'd rather do something else in the future anyway. Currently figuring out which path I will take for that. Detail oriented, quiet, focused work is what I do a lot better in honestly. Classroom management is just not my thing.

I do enjoy teaching them though. I like to teach and read books to them. I’m hoping it will be different once I start lead teaching, but overall I don’t know if this is something I can do on the daily.

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