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Not fully happy with current program, want to reapply to another program I got into last application cycle

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So I got into a pretty good program in Europe last application cycle. I decided to come here and I've been in this program for two months now. To be honest, I'm not happy here and it's a two year program, so I don't think I can just ride it out. I'm thinking of reapplying to one of the programs in the US I applied to and got into (with some funding) last year, as they don't require I resubmit letters and can pretty much use my old essays since they were good enough last time. 

What I'm not sure about is whether I should indicate that I participated in this program this semester. I've kept my job at a distance so my resume is the same as it was last application cycle. There's no gap in my resume that I have to explain.

On one hand, I'm doing pretty well on this semester's courses, which are all PhD level (apparently that's how masters in Europe work?) and technically that demonstrates my ability to handle grad level coursework.

On the other, I really don't think it would look good on my application to mention dropping another master's a quarter of the way in. I won't have transcripts by the time the application is due and, despite the fact that I hold a good relationship with all my current professors, there's no way I'm gonna personally let them know that I'm bailing on their (small, selective) program in order to ask them for a rec letter. 

All thoughts and advice are greatly appreciated...

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I don't think listing your current program on your resume/CV would harm your chance of getting into another program. It's also required to list all your education history in all applications, so you should not hide it. Not even mentioning, transferring between programs is expected in grad school. Most professors get it and are genuinely wanting the best for you.

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