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CSDCAS Letter of Recommendation Question

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For CSDCAS applications, I know it is recommendation that we submit our application 2-3 weeks before a school's deadline, but do all the letters of recommendations have to be in by 2-3 prior, too? Or, just before the school's deadline?

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I have a question about my evaluations. At the end of last Spring semester (May/June 2023), my professors submitted evaluations to CSDCAS on my behalf. Over the summer, I elected for all my previous application info to be carried over to the new term. Now it's September 2023, I checked back into my application, and I can no longer find the three evaluations that were submitted four months ago. I didn't think it was possible for evaluations to be deleted.... where did they go?  Before asking my professors to resubmit them (which I'd rather not do), I want to make sure I'm not overlooking something...that maybe I'm just missing a step.  I emailed CSDCAS by haven't heard back. Does anyone know whether or not evaluations can disappear?  Thank you.  

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