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Hi everyone,

As many of you, I am applying to grad school this year. One of my favourite choices is the MEng at Berkeley.

I arrived to this point in the application where it says "Please upload a 1-2 minute video or audio file on the Audio/Visual page explaining how you have solved an engineering problem.". I really do not know what they expect from me, what kind of engineering problem? Do I have to demonstrate CS knowledge, Software Engineering, creativity? I really do not get it and I can not find anything online. Anyone knows the answer or is suffering from the same?

Thank you and good luck you all!

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Comment: this question is literally the only relevant content on the first page of Google search. 

I plan to tell a story that I worked on my school project or work experience before. It will have a concrete problem and have the STAR pattern used widely in interview answers.  

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On 11/23/2021 at 1:44 AM, sivaashaanth said:

Hey, I am looking for the same info. Were you able to get anything?

Hi, no, still anything, and I have searched everywhere. I am wondering why there aren't many posts about this.

What are you going to do about it? Solution to a technical engineering problem? Or maybe more conceptual?

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