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PhD Chances with Little Econ Coursework


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Hi All,

I've recently developed an interest in getting a PhD in economics and would like to get a better sense of where I might stand from an admissions perspective as someone who has only taken a few econ courses during undergrad.

Undergrad Institution: Public top 50 math dept

Major(s): Mathematics

Minor(s): Chinese

GPA: Cum: 3.8; Major: 3.75

Type of Student: Domestic male

Relevant coursework: Intl Econ + Policy, Intermediate Micro, Global/Financial/Econ Strategy, Calc II, Calc III, Discrete, Proofs, Analysis ODE, Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, Probability Theory, Topology, Statistics Theory, Java, Data Organization in C

Missing Intermediate Macro

Graduate Program: Biostatistics, ~15 in biostatistics, ~45 overall stats

GPA: 4.0

Relevant coursework: Probability/Statistical Inference, Machine Learning, Practical Data Analysis, Statistical Computing in R, Applied Generalized Linear Models, Causal Inference/Missing Data, Data Science

Research: Spent a year as a researcher at a federal agency carrying out biostatistical research. Second author on 2 papers.

GRE General Test:

Q: 170 (97%)

V: 151 (52%)

W: 4.0 (60%)

Given my weaker points - mainly lack of economics coursework, esp missing inter macro, and low V score, do you think I have a shot at PhD programs in the 15-35 range or what are some good targets?


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