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Phd application writing sample with some typos


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I have submitted several PhD applications, the statement of purpose didn't contain typos or grammatical errors, but the writing sample, as I have just finished it and proofread it many times, contained some typos, though, no grammatical mistake. I was told by some professors that the research quality is very good, and the subject relates directly to my PhD research interests, and references were almost 30 covering a wide range of literature.
I did some punctuation errors, missing s with it pronoun, and some very few not perfect sentences, they could ve been better. My sample was not an excerpt from a bachelor's thesis, it was something I did from scratch for the PhD application. The thing that I feel that will not be looked at favorably, is a convention I didn't follow, for example, there were some words that were not in English and I had to put them in this format as in literature, english_word(foreign_equivalent), sometimes I inversed this convention without noticing, **how much that will affect my application?** I had solid references from very known people in the field I did research with and helped.

I applied mostly to Ive League colleges, in humanities.

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