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2022 Psychology

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Hi! Wanted to start a broad forum for psychology PhD apps. I applied to programs with a wide variety of titles (went based on faculty interests rather than PhD title), and I'd love to start a freak-out thread for people of all research areas ;) 


My Stats:

Undergrad Institution: Big R1 public school

Major(s): Psychology & African Studies (honors)

Overall & major GPA: 3.94

Type of Student: US citizen, NHW, woman, lgbt+

GRE Scores:  did not take

Research Experience: 3 years of undergrad research in several labs + 1yr full time post-bac; all in psych, neuroscience, and/or medical settings

Publications: 1 first-author pub, 1 middle-author, 2 under review

Presentations: several podium and poster presentations at both undergrad and international/professional conferences

Awards/honors: honors thesis, graduated summa cum laude, named one of 20 outstanding graduates in liberal arts in 2020, scholarship funding thesis research

LoRs: one from current PI (clinical neuro); one from undergrad PI (neuro); one from my undergrad thesis advisor (human development/social psy)

Research interests: health disparities, social neuroscience, health psychology


Applying to:

  • UCLA - Health Psychology
  • UPitt - Biological and Health Psychology
  • Northwestern - Personality & Health Area
  • Georgetown - Psychology (HDPP)
  • WashU - Aging & Development
  • CU Boulder - Social Neuroscience
  • UT Austin - Neuroscience



WashU - completed informal, prelim interview

Haven't yet heard from anyone else!! I would love to know if others who applied to these schools have gotten feedback yet.

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