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Math/Stat courses to take for Stat/Math MS applications

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Hi everyone,

I'm preparing to apply to MS programs in stats or applied math next year (2022-2023). 

Undergrad: Top 100 undergrad private (US News) 

Major(s): Economics & Political Science
GPA: 3.899
Background: International Male Asian
Courses taken: 
Undergrad class: 
  • Calculus I-II, Intro Stats, Econometrics, Game Theory, Intro Programming for Science and Engineering
    • Grades: all A 
    • Taken at my alma mater
  • Linear Algebra and Real Analysis I
    • Grade: waiting (at least B+, expecting A- or A)
    • Taken at Harvard Extension (Math E-23a) while working full time
    • Course is an integrated, proof-based treatment of linear algebra, multivariate and elementary real analysis (but not as rigorous as Harvard Math 25 sequence)
    • Textbooks: Ross (for analysis) and Hubbard (for linear algebra & multivariate calculus)
Courses planned: 
  • Linear Algebra and Real Analysis II (Math E-23b)

GRE: 163Q, 164V, 4.5W (taken in December 2017, may have to retake to boost Q)
Programs Applying: All MS. Some offer both Math and Stats MS (such as Wake Forest)
  • Stats: Kentucky, Ohio State, UGA, Idaho, Colorado State
  • Math: Alaska Fairbanks, Arizona, Bowling Green, Boise State, Wake Forest, South Dakota State, UMass Amherst

Research Experience: None.
Other Experience:
  • Industry experience (working full-time since 2018) for a big e-commerce firm in Asia. Department: production support, now moving into business intelligence
  • Some MOOC certificates: Andrew Ng's ML course on Coursera, WorldQuant University Applied Data Science
  • Python, R, SQL
Letters of Recommendation:  mostly from undergrad econ professors
Need your advice
  • In addition to Linear Algebra and Real Analysis II above, I can only take at most 2 additional courses before application deadlines. What other courses should I take? My options are limited because I am outside the US and thus can only take online courses at Harvard Extension or UIUC NetMath. I'm deciding between:
  • Is my lack of research experience and LOR from stats/math professors a big problem?
  • Do I have a good chance of getting TAships from these MS programs? 
  • Is my profile strong enough for unranked/low-tier stats PhD programs?
    • My goal is to work in industry after graduation, so prestige is not an issue

Many thanks!

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