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I have a super unique problem that I would love some help problem solving! I submitted all my applications through CSDCAS for SLP programs and finished my post-baccalaureate program in December. As soon as I got my grades I sent my transcript over on December 27th to CSDCAS. I have confirmation it was sent and they received it but it hasn't shown up as being accepted yet(10 days out). What may be a bigger problem though is that San Jose State required an official transcript be sent to them so I sent it over to them as well and they got back saying that the transcript from my post-bacc university had the wrong date of birth so they can't accept it as is!!! My post-bacc university screwed up my DOB so I immediately sent proof of birth on January 4th and they haven't confirmed that it's been updated yet. I keep checking each day but nothing. Two of my programs are due on February 1st so I just worry that my applications are in jeopardy because it takes so long to process transcripts and be verified all over an error from the University!!! I'm kind of freaking out. I reached out the university's telling them this issue so I'll wait to see what they may be able to do for me. I'm so bummed because I'm working really hard on my applications and want to be an SLP so bad and this could potentially ruin my chances :( Any and all advice welcome!!!

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Hey @megcharney, that's such a pain. So sorry you're going through this. I don't miss that headache at all. 

CSDCAS tends to verify transcripts and applications within about 2 weeks of having received the necessary items. Officially, it's 7-10 business days, so weekends wouldn't count in that number. It is on the longer side if you're submitting closer to the deadlines due to other people waiting to submit as well. They review chronologically based on the order they receive applications. So, if they don't let you know in the next few days that it's verified, you might want to reach out to their support system via their LiveChat option to ask for more information. 

As far as SJS, that's a horrendous reason to not review an application and shouldn't be held against you. It sounds like you've done everything you can based on what was asked for. I'm not sure what the system was that you used to supply the info, but if you have a digital copy of your proof and you continue to not hear anything come Monday/Tuesday, you may want to call admissions and ask them to confirm receipt and offer to send a PDF if they have yet to review your original documents. 

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