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Organisational psychology books for Sport Psychologists?


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Hi All, 

As a Sport and Exercise Psychologist who works within sporting environments, I recognise how important the organisation is to healthy psychological functioning of the staff. Does anyone know where the best place to start is in learning more about organisational psychology (e.g., the 'core' books/literature/theories in the discipline?). Would like to purchase some books that give a general overview of the area. ?

Thank you so much in advance. 

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Hi I/O grad student here. It really depends on what topic you are looking for. However, generally one known author is Adam Grant he has multiple pop culture books.


Otherwise if you are looking for other topics to read about here is a list of authors you can find articles from:

- Locke & Latham - goal setting

- Ed Salas/ Steven Zaccaro - teams

- Lewicki/ Dirks/ de Jong - trust

- Amy Edmondson -psychological safety

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