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Is anyone else playing the Stanford's Design Impact waiting game?


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6 minutes ago, rubenboer said:

Unfortunately, I don’t but I have read about Stanford's design game that’s a creative teaching technique. There are some experiments conducted in the past and based on the results a new approach in teaching and gaming has been created. I prefer to learn from my own experience as everyone is an individual. I love to play gambling games as online casinos. You know that the best option is fastest payout casinos and I’m glad that I recently surfed for https://nederlandscasinos.net/en/fastest-payout-casinos/ list in the Netherlands. I realized they have a good list as there are 3 websites I use constantly for gambling. Thanks to them I can try to play on a few new gambling websites. And in this way I learn and test my strategies. Moreover, fast payout casinos don’t make you wait to get your money. That’s why I like them the most.


Aha, I have heard about it and read a book. I reckon games have a positive effect, of course, if you play wisely. 

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