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Concentration Application Question


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I am applying to a program that offers sociocultural, biological, and archaeological anthropology. 

If I applied for biological anthro, but if they think Id be better suited in sociocultural, would they:

A. offer acceptance, but only if I do sociocultural, or

B. Reject me because I applied for biological and I don't fit their needs for biological. But they might suggest sociocultural, but I'd have to apply to that next year


I thought of including both biological and sociocultural in my SOP but then I'm not sure if that looks bad either (indecisiveness) 


Theres a section of the application where it asks what subfield im interested in and I'm only able to select one (bio or cultural)

but then afterwards is an area where it asks my research interests within those subfields, for example:

if you are interested in bio please select below your research interests (and the same for cultural) 




I am allowed to select multiple interests, and I also think it would allow me to select from both the bio and cultural interests (but again I could only select bio or cultural prior to this list) but also again is that a bad idea? 

Any advice please?



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