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Experiences with UCSB and Sociology, particularly with Technology?


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Hello all!

I'm new to gradcafe and just wanted to see if anyone else was also applying to the MA/PhD program for Sociology at the University of California Santa Barbara... I'm kind of bashful to say that it's the only place I applied to, but I am reassured by seeing that a lot of people apply for different rounds, so I might have to go for my Masters first and then apply. It's really the only place I'd like to go for my PhD.

I chose the university because of an emphasis they offer in conjunction with the PhD program, Information Technology and Society. When chatting with faculty there, she said that nobody currently had an emphasis like that. But maybe there's some other applicants who are wanting to research a similar thing?

I graduated a couple of years ago with a business degree in Information Systems actually... I knew that this potentially put me at a disadvantage so I did a pretty elaborate research project as my writing sample. I'm hoping that independent research plus my unusual background makes me competitive, but I guess we will be waiting at least a month to see!

Excited to see if anyone else is doing something similar :)

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