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GRE scores for top US universities


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Hi Everyone

I took my GRE this monday and well, it was pretty tough I'd say. I managed to get a score of 1260(Q:740/V:520). I would like to know if these scores are enough to have your application considered in top US universities like Washington, UCSD, etc. I know that I am technically strong and will be able to write a solid statement of purpose, get great LORs from my professors and have work experience(in a software MNC). But are they enough. I thought the application was considered as a single entity taking everything into consideration. But still I have my doubts. It would be of great help if you could help me out in this.

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I would consider those scores solid for many programs (large state schools, etc.), though they won't be sufficient to get into the very top programs (I was rejected from a few very good programs with a score of 1440). It depends on your field, however. In the sciences that's a pretty good score, top science schools might want a higher Quant, as many applicants will have >760. Many humanities might want a higher Verbal. For GRE scores generally you're just trying to not fall below the program's threshold, whatever that may be. After that the other components of your application become much more important.

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If you are looking at Ph.D. programs, many of them require a minimum combined score of 1200, regardless of the tier. Masters programs often use a cut off of 1000. I would suggest you work to increase your verbal score, if you are serious about top tier schools. It looks like you are a foreign student, so if English is not your first language, that's a bit of a wild card, and something I can't really speak to. If you are in a math/engineering field, the quant needs to go up. If you aren't in a math-related field, then the quant looks good. While a GRE score won't really get you in to a program, it can certainly prevent you from getting in. Good luck to you!

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