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Master's of Biomedical Sciences with financial support


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On 3/11/2022 at 1:22 PM, Vidaa said:

May anyone help me with this issue? I am looking for funded MS program in Biomedical Sciences 

From my experience, Funding isn't guaranteed for Masters programs - especially at State institutions. You'll have to apply to a program, and navigate through that schools system to apply for Research assistant (RA) position, a Graduate Assistant (GA) position or a Teaching Assistant (TA) position.  If hired, you'll be given an RA, GA or a TA appointment at what is called 33% or 50%. A 33% appointment means you work 12 hours a week in whatever position you were hired to. A 50% appointment means you work 20 hours per week. Rarely are appointments more than 50% available or even allowed. You will get a stipend for the time you work (9 months or 12 months - depending on the institution and position) and the tuition is usually remitted. 

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