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Chicago CIR vs. NYU IR

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Hi all. I'm in a bit of a spot and seeking some advice. I was waitlisted at IR/PS UCSD a while back, but offered spots at Chicago CIR and NYU GSAS Political Science/IR. They both had decision deadlines but I wanted to hear back from UCSD first, since my undergrad focus and interest is in Asia (specifically Japan), so I managed to buy time and they both told me that if I heard back and changed my plans it was okay to back out. So, UCSD just let me know recently (so late >-<), and I didn't get in. I know, I should have determined for sure NYU vs. Chicago earlier. I was leaning towards CIR initially but then I started thinking about it again and I've been vacillating since.


-Cheaper by at least 10k, possibly 15-20 I think (CIR estimate is like 64k vs. NYU could be 75-80 depending on how long it takes to finish)

-Straight 3 quarters/9 months, doesn't have possibility of lasting longer like NYU and thus costing more

-Better reputation/faculty? <- not sure about this one, any thoughts? Does the whole Chicago prestige/Ivy-ish reputation carry over to grad progs like CIR?

-Think I'd fit in more with intellectual than hiptser ish environment - these generalizations might apply more to undergrad though

-Has a campus

-Curriculum seems to allow for more interesting electives


-NYC is more international city

-Internship component is built into curriculum

-Not a straight academic year, allegedly very difficult to complete in a year without overloading on classes etc.

-Cost of living + extended curriculum = pricier

-Better (if drier) curriculum for jobs vs. Chicago (more theoretical etc)? Unsure of this

-Not too far from home

-Alumni and internship section on website seems to suggest more interesting paths (UN, World Bank, media like PBS, CBS, Economist, etc) than CIR website, if this is anything to go by

I'd really appreciate thoughts, especially from anyone who's done CIR or NYU GSAS IR. I'd just go to NYU since it seems like it might be more helpful in terms of jobs (internship component, location), but CIR's lower cost and reputation hold me back (like, if Chicago really is Ivy caliber, is it foolish for me to turn it down? Does the Chicago name make up for lack of internship component and such?) Apologies for the long post, and thanks.

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In my opinion, I think you're right to go to CIR @ UChicago! They are the shorter & cheaper program for you to get what you want and with the best name possible (you will easily get a job in D.C. or abroad with UChicago). Also, for your concentration in Asia - UChicago is much more Asian focused in its faculty and course offerings.

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