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MPP/MBA Dual Degree


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What are general thoughts re: an MPP/MBA dual degree?

The idea of doing an MBA simultaneously with an MPP struck me just a few minutes ago, so any information or opinions would be much appreciated!

- Which schools, if any, accept the GRE in lieu of the GMAT?

- Which schools offer balanced reputations? (equal caliber MPP/MBA programs)

- I was planning on applying to schools by December at the latest; how much GMAT prep time would I need?

- Any personal accounts from a similar experience?

- Is this a terrible idea?

Thanks in advance!

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Most of the schools will take GMAT as a substitute for GRE and the other way around. There are only few exceptions such as WWS and UC B.

GMAT has harder quant and GRE has harder verbal. If you are applying to dual MPP/MBA program almost any school will take either test since both of them give them basically the same info about you.

My advice is to go the schools of your choice and under FAQ you will usually find the answer to your question.

GMAT/GRE will take longer to prepare if you've been out of school for years. I think about 3 months (while working full time) is a good time frame if you are willing to make some sacrifices in your personal life. GOOD LUCK!

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Also, many "top univeristies" will have great MPP and MBA and will offer dual degree in 3 years. For example from Harvard and Columbia to USC and Georgetown ... If you have the time and the money getting these 2 great degrees is great. Also, many schools offer dual degree with other school. For example, you can get a dual degree from Harvard and MIT in 3 years ... so you get to go to both schools !

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