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grad program reviews?

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Is there any website where you can find "reviews" of grad programs by students who actually go there?

I mean, there's all kinds of websites with reviews of products, restaurants, books, etc. etc. and even ratemyprofessors.com for reviews of individual professors/courses.

Is there anything at all of this sort for English graduate programs?

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I've never seen a site with reviews of graduate programs, per se, but I did find collegeprowler.com helpful for obtaining general information about different universities (and towns) that I was considering. Though the site is geared toward the undergraduate crowd, making some of the reviews or 'grades' irrelevant to us as graduate students, it nevertheless has some terrific first-hand information on things like parking, weather, and the local atmosphere (again, just leave out the reviews submitted by and designed for the beer-guzzling undergradssmile.gif). Hope this helps, and best of luck in your application process!

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Any respectable grad program will refer you to a few current students who would be happy to answer frank questions about the program. Folks won't necessarily talk bad about their department, but you can gather a surprising amount of information that way.

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