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How competitive am I for a top tier or second tier US Ph.D program, or top tier European Ph.D. program?


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I'm thinking of applying to polisci/IR Ph.D. programs this fall and want to do a program related to China and security. I have a few questions about how competitive I'd be for top 10 or top 15 US programs and/or top European programs, so I'll just list some of my qualifications.

Undergrad: University of Michigan polisci, GPA: 3.79, graduated with honors

Masters: Masters of International Affairs at UCSD GPS, GPA 3.67 (curved) (was on full tuition scholarship)

Lots of extra curricular work/activities during my master's, including being president of a grad student organization relevant to polisci interests

Lived and studied in China for 3 years, speak fluent Chinese, have used it professionally a lot. Also lived for a year in Latin America and speak fluent Spanish.

Worked in relevant corporate research jobs for 2 years

GRE: Can't get into account right now, but I took it in 2017 and got basically perfect verbal, like 156 math I think? and I think 4.5 writing.


So my questions are the following. First, is my master's GPA a problem? At my program we were told you needed a 3.7 to really be competitive for a Ph.D program. The GPA was curved to a B+ average for the program though, so I believe I was above average. Second, would my professional experience be taken into account? I have several years of research experience but it was for corporations so I'm not published or anything like that. Finally, do I need to retake the GRE? I only took it once and I'd really rather not take it again if I can avoid it.

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