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SOP, your personality, and questioning Everything (TM)

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Howdy, I'm a recent (under) grad once removed and am applying for grad school. Whether it matters or not, I'm applying for an MA in either art history or historic preservation (reason not particularly important since its not relevant). What does matter: I'm working on my SOP and obviously want parts of my personality to show through where it can, as this is a tip I've read on numerous forum posts here and a slew of articles online. However there's a fine line between things that are appropriate in terms of humor being used. Obviously if you're an infinitely charming and funny person (not me), it can be difficult to find a balance between stating the Facts and showing your personal flare within a 2-3 page paper. 

What I truly am questioning is whether humor is generally a no-go or if humorous statements can positively impact your chances of being offered a position in a program. Specifically, I'm trying to find a balance here because while I am an intelligent and well-spoken person (not to toot my own horn) but I also want to be able to offer a degree of relatability to my SOP in a way that will be memorable for those reviewing my application.

Specific example: The university I'm applying to is in the North East and I was born and raised in Texas. Obviously there's a huge difference between what I'm used to and what most universities in this part of the country can offer. So, as mart of my "why this college" section, I've written the following:
I think the more rural location of ~insert North Eastern university I'm applying to here~ makes it an ideal place to foster one’s studies without being too far removed from larger cities; its proximity being refreshing to someone from Every Major City is Three Hours Away by Car, Texas.

Would something like this be considered generally inappropriate for an SOP? Is this the right kind of flare you want for your paper? Am I just overthinking everything because I so badly want out of Every Major City is Three Hours Away by Car, Texas? Any suggestion is appreciated!

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I would strongly advise against adding that. Mostly because it's very Online sounding and that is a hard NO for something as integral to your acceptance as your Statement of Purpose. The aspect of the SoP where you explain why the location of the university is so important should have less to do with how badly you want to leave your current location and everything to do with what the new location could add to your studies. Is it known for hosting many experts from your field? What is the art scene like? Are there lots of museums? Are there rare classical art pieces in the area that you can visit?

The proximity of larger cities should follow this line of thinking, as well. There shouldn't really be anything about your current location unless it is vital to your research explanation or education background.

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Thanks guys! The majority of the section is about the closeness of the program but the location is important for the architecture of the area (which is where my interest lies, so I do mention liking the landmark buildings on campus). I appreciate y'all weighing in and will keep my joke for my future career in standup. 

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