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Resources for PhD applicants (STEM)


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Dear fellow applicants. here are some resources that can help your application process? (I also shared it on the IHOG forum) 

Also, If you have great resources to share, please do so!


*Program and PI Search


searching for programs and PIs takes a lot of time.

This webpage helps you find potential advisors/ programs based on your research interests. It's time-saving for sure. 

Also, you can check for application materials for each program 

This web looks brand new and needs more data to add, but if you're a STEM applicant, it's great to use.


* mailing PIs


Contact mail is a crucial part of the application process. 

Please read this post before sending it!


* Info regarding the Application procedure and Visa information


Gradicle is made for int applicant in India (I guess). But their article helps international applicants.

If you're not sure about the whole application process and visa, I recommend checking this webpage.

But you need to log in to read it. 


* CV Tips



If you're working on a CV, these resources might be a help


* SOP Tips


If you're looking for SOP resources, this webpage definitely helps.

But you need to log in to download the pdf. 


* Few more resources


Ph.D. Application Guides archive (blog posts) 


* Discord Server


It's not a big server, but we're sharing all kinds of grad application information.

If you want to talk to fellow applicants, please join us!



Again, If you have great resources to share, please share!

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