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CANADIAN Audiology Applicants Fall 2023


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Hey Everyone! 

I'm sure everyone who applied to the Audiology programs are currently biting their nails waiting for April to roll around! 

I have applied to OT and Audiology programs (Western, Dalhousie, and Queens) and I'm patiently waiting to hear back. 

Does anyone know when Dalhousie is sending out their acceptance letters? 

Good Luck Friends! 

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I called Dalhousie today and they said they’re reviewing applications presently and those admitted to the program can expect a response in 2 weeks or so.


anyone hear anything yet?

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Does anyone know anything about the Dal waitlist? (# of people, amount of movement etc.)

I just got waitlisted, but I feel like it ultimately means rejection since there have been so many rounds of offers.

Did anyone receive an offer this week?

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Hi all!

I've officially accepted Western Audiology. Is there any group chat or FB page for ppl who accepted at Western? If not, I could make one. 

Looking forward to meeting you all this September. 




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