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UT Austin ECE MS(ICS track): what is the likelihood of getting TAship as an international student?


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I did my undergrad at UIUC as an EE major. Our school is pretty strong in this field but due to the location, finding internship is kind of challenging. Even though I actually enjoy cold weather, I want to switch to a new place. And Austin is a great place to look for a hardware or embedded software job. I am fully sponsored for the MS program at UIUC with a TA offer. I was also admitted to UT Austin's ECE MS program, but the funding is not guaranteed yet. (There is a very slight chance of getting an offer before April 1st) My undergrad GPA is above 3.9 and my English is decent, will that increase my chance of getting a TAship at UT Austin? 

The tuition at UT Austin is around 20k per year, which is pretty low. But given that my TA offer at UIUC waives all tuition and provides a salary of $2000 a month after tax, the difference in cost is around $40k per year, which is pretty significant. 

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