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I just got wait listed at Johns Hopkins for their MFA program. Does anyone know if there's any way to find out wait list statistics - i.e. do I have any shot of getting in off the wait list?

If it makes any difference, I called the director of the program yesterday and left a message asking if there's any way I could set up an interview (he wrote a note on my wait list letter saying that he liked my work). I just don't want to waste the time and $$ getting down to Baltimore if there's not really a chance I'll get in off the wait list.

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I don't know either. I'm in a similar boat with Concordia, except I know my position on the waitlist. I just don;t know how funding will work out, especially since I'm an international student.

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Sigh. Waitlisted for U of MN, non-fiction. They accepted four and now I am number NINE on the waitlist. So in my mind, I am not going to get in.

I still haven't heard from U of AL or Penn State, although for Penn State, there were only 43 applicants for 2 slots for non-fiction, which I am praying is more promising...

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I've been announced that I was on the waitlist for Concordia. This is all I know and I would enjoy getting an idea of what are my chances of getting in.

Is there any way to now how many candidates are on that list and what is my position?

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