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Chances of getting into MS Statistics programs?

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I hope to get a MS in Statistics, and I will likely pursue a PhD once I find a research area that I enjoy. As it stands now, I am a big fan of computer science-adjecent work, especially in machine learning. However, CS isn't mathematical enough for me, so statistics would be more fitting in terms of a degree. Here are some of my statistics (no pun intended) and programs that have piqued my interest so far. What can I do to bolster my application, and what should I know specifically or keep in mind regarding the programs on my list?


University: Top 10 college in Northeast, more known for economics/government than STEM however. GPA is currently 3.84 (third year, second semester) but will probably drop. Should dip no lower than 3.78.

Nationality: American URM

Major: Statistics

Pertinent coursework: Data structures, multivariable calculus, discrete mathematics, real analysis, NLP (more as it relates to linguistics, not coding), and a plethora of stats classes including but not limited to probability, linear models, and proof-based machine learning

Work experience: Data engineering internship for major tech company, will have spent two summers there by the time I graduate. I also have a good bit of TA experience for difficult stats classes.

Research experience: Remote sensing research using machine learning. No publications however. Currently I am in contact with a connection in Europe, and I hope to do research with them for a year before matriculating to a MS program.

GRE: Not yet taken

Programs I am set on (in no particular order):

  1. Yale (Statistics & Data Science) 
  2. University of Washington (Statistics)
  3. UCLA (Statistics) 
  4. Stanford (MS Stats)
  5. Carnegie Mellon (MS Computational Data Science)
  6. Carnegie Mellon (MS Statistics) 
  7. Berkeley (MA Stats) 
  8. Chicago (MS Stats)
  9. Duke (MS Statistical Science)

Schools I have not vetted yet, but may have programs that interest me:

  • Michigan
  • NC State
  • Wisconsin
  • Emory
  • University College London
  • Toronto, or British Columbia
  • UIUC
  • Northwestern
  • Rice


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