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When is it too early to ask for a status update?


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Like many of you, I have been stressing out as I wait for decisions. I applied to two graduate Northwestern programs. Is it bad to have done that? I'm starting to think that they may think I am not committed to either. But truly if I could do both programs, I will. For the Leadership for Creative Enterprises, I applied Dec 6th. Received an interview invitation on Jan. 4th. Interviewed Feb. 10th (I work full time and had to take off the entire day just to interview). It's been two weeks since the interview - is that too early to call and ask for a status update? I sent an email to my interviewers thanking them for their time on Feb. 24th. 

I have been awarded a scholarship to be applied to any school, but if I don't get accepted anywhere it'll be worthless. Is anyone else waiting to hear back from MSLCE?

I am irritable, scared, nervous, and anxious. I have been checking my email at least 15 times a day and my confidence dwindles by the hour. 

Any advice>

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