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Business School vs Engineering School

IE Student

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Hi guys!

I have applied for both Operations Management PhD program in a Business School and Operations Research PhD program in an Engineering School! I am interested in both and have no idea which one to choose! My main factors are future income, trending, and research opportunities.

Any suggestions? What I should consider?!

I appreciate your replies!☺️

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I have similar situation. One professor I was interviewed with said in business schools usually you are expected to publish your research in top journals which might create a pressure, but is not the case in engineering schools(ofc it is always better to publish in top journals but you got the point). In terms of future income, I feel like engineering school is more flexible, but this highly depends on the school/advisor, whether you want an academic career after graduation and/or location of the school. My best advice is search for previous students on linkedin etc. This might give you a general overview. That is a hard optimization problem I have to say :) Good luck on the decision!

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