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How is ETH Zurich Physics MSc program


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Hi everyone, I've just received offer from ETHz Physics MSc program. Does anyone know ETH's reputation in physics, especially theoretical physics?

I don't know anyone around me who applied for this program, therefore I would really appreciate it if anyone can provide more detailed info.

btw, I plan to stay at ETHz to pursue a PhD in physics, is it hard for someone who graduates from ETHz's Master's program?

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well actually I asked one of my professors the same question today, he said he had students that did their masters at ETH and some of them had difficulties continuing to the Phd there. Of course this does not apply for everybody!!! If I were you I would stalk some of the current Phd students to see if there are people with ETH master degrees among them (would be a more countable answer to your question than my professor’s opinion for sure). Or you know, you can contact directly Phd students. I contacted a lot of Phd students to gather info about the schools and labs I am admitted in, each of the responses were quite helpful and friendly.

hope it helped. but don’t base your decision solely on my comment, the sample space of the students of my professor that did their masters at ETH is quite small. ETH is an awesome school, actually better than many in us. would definitely be doing my masters there If i hadn’t got a slightly better phd offer. 


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