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MPhil in theology?


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Hi - I am currently pursuing an MA in theology. I do not feel prepared to apply for Ph.D (or Th.D) programs. In addition to this, I would really prefer to pursue doctoral studies in the US. As such, I have been considering an M.Phil in the UK. Have you ever heard of anyone getting an M.Phil in the UK and then a doctorate from the US? I figured it would be a great way to further my studies, improve my application, and gain the UK research experience without having to get a UK doctorate. How is an M.Phil perceived from US doctoral program acceptance committees?

Finally, is there any funding for M.Phils? The Fulbright seems a bit far-reaching since the M.Phil programs I am considering are in Scotland and that might defeat the purpose of studying specifically in a foreign culture - nothing against the Scottish, but this is much more difficult to sell than say, studying in an African or Asian country. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much!

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