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Negotiating Funding w/ No Leverage


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Hello in search of advice. I applied to one graduate program this cycle and fortunately was accepted. I was told a month ago I would receive $4,000 merit scholarship and that I was nominated for an assistantship that would cover tuition completely and provide a living stipend. I found out this morning that I didn't receive the assistantship, but would still get the $4k award. I'm going to a in-state University so $4k is about 45% of my tuition, but I'll most likely need to quit my job or commute 9hrs a week. Should I ask for more money? I'm an adjunct instructor at a local university (in a completely different unrelated field) I have teaching experience at the collegiate level. I would really like to eat while I'm in grad school and not have to spend 1/2 my life driving back and forth to work and school. I have no leverage I've already paid my deposit and accepted my admissions offer and I wasn't offered anything better from another program since I didn't apply to any other programs. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

tl/dr: I am an Adjunct Instructor offered funding that covers 45% of tuition can I ask for more money when I've already accepted admissions and paid deposit.

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