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Chance Me MS Statistics Programs

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Hey Everyone long time lurker and first time poster! I'm planning to apply to Stat grad programs in the coming months or next year (would like to start in 2023 or 2024) with the intention of pursuing a PhD in Statistics afterwards. I was wondering if I could get my chances at the following programs from you experts out there! 


BS in Computer Science and Statistics from Georgia Tech 2018-2021

GPA 3.86 almost all A's in all Math and Stats classes (Linear Alg, Multivar Calc, Diff Eq, Statistical Inference, Statistical Computing I and II, Statistics and Prob Theory I). My two non A's were in Discrete Math (B) and Statistics and Prob Theory II (PZ due to COVID). I took two statistics-related CS classes and got A's in those too (Machine Learning, Deep Learning) but most of my other CS classes were Systems heavy.

I have 0 research experience in CS or stats but a good amount of relatively impressive industry internships. I'm also working fulltime remotely for a late stage, pre-ipo fintech startup in Silicon Valley backed by top investors (Sequoia, Kleiner Perkins, Google Ventures, etc) on the core product team if that will help at all. While my work is mostly in line with distributed systems, there are some interesting projects I might get to work on related to statistical perf testing to optimize caching. 

Since I finished a year early and work is remote,  I decided to stay on campus and work towards my (non-research) MS in Computer Science at Georgia Tech 2021-22. 

Grad School GPA so far: 3.59 (yikes I know) I'm not sure how much this will hurt my chances at a top stat program and would appreciate any insight into this. It's hard to balance work and school lol. That being said, I have taken 0 numerical computing or statistical computing classes in this program. All of my B/A-'s so far are in systems heavy courses (Parallel Computing, Advanced Operating System Design, Computer Networks, and FPGA Design). I think that my grades will be better this sem and will most likely end with a cumulative grad GPA of 3.65 or maybe even 3.7 if everything goes super well.


I'm interested in the following programs and if there are other programs I should apply to / consider that aren't listed here please lmk

UChicago - MS Stats

Univ of Washington - MS Stats

Stanford Univ - MS Stats

Duke Univ - MS Statistical Science

Carnegie Melllon Univ - MSML (MS Machine Learning) or MSP (Master of Statistical Practice)

Harvard - MS Biostats

Johns Hopkins - MSE Applied Math and Stats

Columbia Univ - MA Stats

UNC Chapel Hill - MS Stats & Operations Research

Yale Univ - MA/MS Stats

Berkeley - MA Stats


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