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Biostatistics Masters School List Advice

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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for some advice on schools to consider for a master's in biostats. I'm hoping to apply to programs this fall, and I really don't know where to start! Any advice is greatly appreciated! 


I'm currently studying at a top university in Canada. I've taken many courses in the life sciences and in computer science. I'm currently working through my math classes. I have listed the math/stats classes that I have completed/aim to complete by graduation below:

  • cal I - III
  • linear algebra I - II
  • analysis I - II
  • probability
  • statistics 
  • linear regression

Regarding my CS courses, I've taken data structures and algorithms I - II and discrete math. For the life sciences, I've taken quite a few - from organic chemistry to physiology to molecular biology. 

Currently, my GPA is ~3.7, which isn't amazing. I really bombed some of my upper year life science classes. ?

I'm hoping that perhaps my experiences could make up for that, though. I have previously been involved in a biology lab (project presented at an undergraduate poster showcase), and a medical research lab (received an undergraduate research award and got published as a mid-author on a paper). Unfortunately, none of these research positions were very quantitative, but I'm an incoming research student at a biostatistics lab this summer, so I hope I'll get some experience there! 

I'm interested in applying in Canada and in the US. Would you have any advice on what schools would be "target" and "reach" for a student profile like mine?

Thank you!

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