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Choosing between ETHZ Materials science, UPenn MSE and UCLA MS (MSc, Fall 2022)


ETHZ Materials science VS UPenn MSE VS UCLA MS   

  1. 1. Which one should I choose?

    • ETHZ Materials science
    • UPenn MSE
    • UCLA MS

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Hello! I'd like your opinions/insights on choosing between ETHZ Materials science, UPenn MSE and UCLA MS (MSc, Fall 2022). Post-masters, I intend to work in the industrial R&D sector (or might consider doing a PhD, not sure as of now)

Factors to be taken into consideration:-

  1. Job prospects/ placement stats - which will be very useful should I not go for an immediate PhD (To note: I would also be open to the idea of re-locating within the US (in case of US unis) and to neighbouring countries (in case of ETHz) wrt job opportunities)

  2. Tuition fee, RA/TA possibilities, part-time jobs

  3. Curriculum and research (my inclination being towards energy materials)

  4. Work-life balance/ general academic-life

  5. Student culture/ networking

Getting multiple opinions would really help me gain a perspective, and make my decision. I would love to hear your thoughts and discuss this with you. Thanks in advance!

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