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Hello everyone,

I have two offers one from LSE and other one from Cornell CIPA.


I would like to know which one is a better pick to pursue MPA. I am a lawyer from India and would like to work in Tech Policy post the MPA.

Cornell MPA: offers the tech policy specialisation and it is STEM designated. Though the website doesn't really enlist any tech firms as employers. Also, I am worried if the department of public policy is reputed enough or the ivy league tag makes it special. 

LSE: doesn't offer a specific tech track but more of boarder understanding. It is known for economics so that should be great and of-course university makes an effort with employers but again the information about companies hiring from there seems opaque.


Scholarship: Cornell isn't offering any and LSE will declare scholarship next month. 


PS: I do have an offer from SAIS but I am not keen on IR ($40K award) and from UVA i.e. Frank Batten school (Almost full ride), which I believe isn't great on employment statistics. 


I will be happy to hear your thoughts.

Thank you.

Kind Regards. 



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