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Community College Language For Grade or P/NP?


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I just graduated from undergrad and am considering applying to MA programs next fall , but I know I need some foreign language before then. I'm considering enrolling in a continuing education course in Arabic via Berkeley Extension or a local CC, since I have no fluency in a foreign language. I took Latin in College because I thought I wanted to study ancient history. Obviously not very useful, but I surprised myself by doing very well in in it, and since its a pretty complex language, I want to challenge myself further with a more useful language. I used to know a little Arabic as a kid, but I haven't studied the language since then, except recitation during Muslim prayers, but that probably doesn't help much.

Since I want to show proficiency, should I take these courses for Pass/No Pass credit, or for a grade?

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I agree. I think you should take it graded, especially since you have prior background in the language and experience with Latin. Even though classical languages may not be "useful", in my experience they have the added advantage of giving you a very solid foundation in grammar that learners of modern languages don't typically have. You will definitely have a much better starting point than most of the other students in your class, so it's likely you'll do well in the class if you just put a little bit of effort into it.

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