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Applying to DC Int'l Affairs Programs

DC Grad 08

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Hi Everyone,

I'm preparing to apply to graduate programs in International Affairs for the Fall of 2011 and I was wondering if anyone in this forum could provide some advice as to how to strengthen my admissions packet. I'm interested in applying to International Affairs and Security Studies programs at the following universities:

  • Georgetown University
  • George Washington University
  • SAIS
  • American University
  • GMU
  • UMD

    My stats are as follows:

    • AA in General Studies from community college, 3.56 GPA
    • BA in International Affairs from George Washington University, 3.11 GPA
    • Approximately 3 years experience working in national security (FBI, contracting)
    • Russian and German speaker

I took the GRE last year and did pretty well on the math section (690), but not so well on the verbal (550). I'm planning on taking the GRE again this October and will hopefully score at least a 600 on the verbal and a 5.5 on the analytical writing section (current score is 5.0). My LORs are written from two employers and one former professor from GWU.

One weak point in my academic career is economics, so I am retaking these courses at the USDA grad school in DC to strengthen my admissions packet. I'm not sure if this will cancel out my bad scores (C's) from undergrad in this area, but I don't think it can hurt too much.

To those of you who have experience in this area, do you feel my chances of getting into these schools is good? Do you think there's anything specific I can highlight in these areas to help strengthen my applications? Thanks in advance for your help. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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