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Hey all,

not sure if there has been a post of this specifically, but does anyone have any information on international (Australian) undergraduate students have applied for grad school in the US? Or, if anyone knows the process of this in general i.e. competition, grades transfer, Aus GPA conversion to US GPA.

More specifically, I'm wanting to study at USC/Columbia/NYU in a MRED/MSRED/MSRE respectively, so if anyone has any information on these programs regarding applications/admissions that would be awsome. As a background, I will finish my undergrad with a B. Urban Development (Property Investment Major) with approx a 3.2-3.4 US GPA equivilant by the time i graduate in November this year and I am planning on applying to grad schools by 2011/2012. Re: work experience, I've also had 5 years undergrad experience in construction/development industry. I have seached high and low on the respective schools and although it does mention US Students must sit the GMAT/GRE (unless over x years, then it is waived - Columbia, NYU) but there seems to be no mention for International students having to sit GMAT/GRE tests other than to have your transcipts sent over, be able to speak/understand engligh and visa's in order. Could someone please confirm this and some inside information into the application process?

Any help would be fantastic

Cheers everyone

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